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septiembre 2023

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Enduro & Off-Road

Para aquellos más aventureros que desean conocer la isla de una manera diferente, ¡ofrecemos una inolvidable aventura Husqvarna TE300i! Descubra los senderos y caminos de tierra que Madeira tiene para ofrecer, guiado por un guía experimentado, ¡la diversión está garantizada! Tenemos todo lo que necesita para encontrar sus límites. Y todo esto según su nivel y experiencia.
Isla de la


motocross rider
co-founder, guide

João Soares

¡Hola! Soy João, cofundador y guía aquí en Mountain Gadget. ¡Bienvenido a nuestro sitio web!
Comencé mis aventuras sobre dos ruedas cuando tenía 9 años y desde entonces he estado montando y explorando la isla de Madeira. Si elige tomar uno de nuestros tours, lo guiaré.

Aquí tenemos un poco de todo, caminos para todos los niveles y una increíble variedad de tipos de terreno alrededor de la isla. Perfecto tanto para principiantes como para expertos.

¡Aventúrate en una experiencia inolvidable!

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nuestros clientes

Einfach perfekt! Auch für «Anfänger» geeignet. Der Joao hilft, unterstützt und lässt erst machen bevor die Theorie beigebracht wird. Jeden Cent wert und besseren Guide trotz nur eintätigen Ausflüges kann man sich nicht wünchen! Fotos mit stops für außergewöhnlichen Ausblicken sowie haufenweise Spaß sind inklusive. Thank you mate for the most exciting day in our one week vacation! See you next time. Ride safe :).
Lukas Sidaras

Lukas Sidaras

The Netherlands

Excellente journée passée avec notre guide Joao, super mec, à l’écoute, parcours d’une beauté à couper le souffle, des 450 presque neuves… de bons conseils, de beaux souvenirs… merci à toi. Nous reviendrons, plus longtemps !! A bientôt amigo ! 😉😉

Julien Le Goff

Julien Le Goff

Paris, France

Madeira has lots to offer a beautiful place to visit especially if you love motocross and enduro
I searched on air bnb and found Pedros site for off road experience I had an awesome day
I found it a bit hard as I’ve not been on a bike for about 5 years but it’s given me the buzz to get back into enduro I’m looking for a bike now

Pedro was a great and patient instructor making sure I was ok at all times and a great rider with lots of tips and knew the terrain like the back of his hand

I totally enjoyed my experience and would of had another day if I had stayed longer
I would of loved to have rode the motocross track on a mx bike

If you love bikes I Can recommend this as an awesome experience and you will be wanting more
Pedro you’re a star bro

Allan Lamb

Allan Lamb

United Kingdom

I spent 3 wonderful days this October combining my love for off-road bikes with my love for sunny retreats.
Everything is taken care off by your wonderful host Joao, who can switch between tour host & trainer at the flick of a starter button. This was great for me as I wanted to hit the trails but also get a chance to see some of the island.
The tour is tailored to your abilities and requirements. I was happy to take things at a leisurely pace but if you wanted to scream around leaving a dust trail visible from space, then I can assure you Joao has the skills to craft such a dusty day out.
Joao did a good job of keeping the knobblies dirt side, and road work was thankfully kept to a minimum. There is plenty of challenging terrain in Maderia to keep you smiling and great conversation to be had when you want to hit the stop switch and explain how you ‘would have cleared that’ if you were on your own bike…honest!!
Weirdly there never seems to be any level ground in Madeira as you always seem to be going either up or down!
I loved all 3 days and will definitely be returning for round 2 in 2021.

Stewart Steven

Stewart Steven

London, UK

Quite simply – the best day I’ve had on 2 wheels.Joao quickly assessed my riding ability and asked what I wanted from the day. He certainly pushed my limits on several occasions and give me just the right level of advice to ride sections I might not.have thought possible. Madeira is stunning and seeing it on a dirt bike is unbeatable.We bumped into some local riders who were all extremely welcoming. I was lucky enough to share a Poncha with them and just chat bikes!!!

If you’re thinking about booking but are worried about the type of trails or the level of challenge – don’t!! Joao will provide you with an unforgettable day. Book it and smile for days!!!

Jason Nicholls

Jason Nicholls

Jul 2022 • Solo
Superbe expérience en enduro pour un débutant qui n’a jamais fait de off road ! João à été très patient et pédagogue ! Paysage magnifique, terrain au top petit tour sur un terrain de MX ! Fier de m’être surpassé et j’ai beaucoup appris ! Une journée inoubliable encore Merci !
David T

David T


mountain gadget

¡Máquinas nuevas, Husqvarnas 2021!

¡Máquinas nuevas, Husqvarnas 2021!

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar el cambio que se está produciendo en nuestro garaje. Decidimos comprar nuevas máquinas y trasladar todo a Husqvarna, después de un tiempo considerando la dirección que pretendemos tomar. ¡Aquí hay un breve video de las nuevas máquinas!

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Épocas de cambios. ¡Presta atención!

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