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Madeira Enduro Experiences. From sea level to the high mountains on the same day. Discover the best trails and tracks of beautiful Madeira Island, guided by a local rider who knows the best spots to ride. Stay off the beaten path, avoid the crowds and visit the most picturesque trails of Madeira. We have everything you need for your next trail riding adventure here in Madeira. And all this according to your taste and enduro skills.


Founder, Guide

João Soares

Hi! I am João Pedro, founder and guide at EnduroMadeira (a.k.a. Mountain Gadget) It’s great to have you on our website!

I’ve been riding and racing on these mountains since I was very young, and I’ve been running off-road tours here in Madeira for a few years now. When you book your enduro experience, I’ll be the one guiding you around our beautiful island and pushing the limits. Rest assured, I’ll keep your ride challenging and safe! 😉

We’ve got a bit of everything here, perfect for both off-road beginners and hard enduro riders.

Come with me on a one-of-a-kind adventure in Madeira!



from 45€/hour

The perfect one day escape, trail-riding and exploring the beautiful mountains of Madeira Island. Choose a half day (3H) or full day (6H) ride.

from 965€

5 Days Stay in Madeira, with a couple of Hotel options to choose from (downtown Funchal or Caniço), including 3 riding days with bike, fuel, guide, transfers, etc, covering different parts of the island, with good variety of terrains and technical difficulties.

quote on request

8 Days Stay in Madeira, with a couple of Hotel options to choose from (downtown Funchal or Caniço), including 5 riding days with bike, fuel, guide, transfers, etc, covering different parts of the island, with good variety of terrains and technical difficulties.Physically challenging!

What People Say


I spent 3 wonderful days this October combining my love for off-road bikes with my love for sunny retreats.
Everything is taken care off by your wonderful host Joao, who can switch between tour host & trainer at the flick of a starter button. This was great for me as I wanted to hit the trails but also get a chance to see some of the island.
The tour is tailored to your abilities and requirements. I was happy to take things at a leisurely pace but if you wanted to scream around leaving a dust trail visible from space, then I can assure you Joao has the skills to craft such a dusty day out.
Joao did a good job of keeping the knobblies dirt side, and road work was thankfully kept to a minimum. There is plenty of challenging terrain in Maderia to keep you smiling and great conversation to be had when you want to hit the stop switch and explain how you ‘would have cleared that’ if you were on your own bike…honest!!
Weirdly there never seems to be any level ground in Madeira as you always seem to be going either up or down!
I loved all 3 days and will definitely be returning for round 2 in 2021.

Stewart Steven

Stewart Steven

London, UK

awesome experience! strongly suggested. João is the best guide !!

Teodoro Piccinni

Teodoro Piccinni

Ivrea, Italia

Super fun day with an amazing guide (the owner) with a premium Bike. Great track. Easy communcation and he has 20 years of experience with MC.

The most fun ive ever had.

I recommend you have a lincence or decent experience with motorbike (any kind) in advance along with decent physical shape

Thomas Virik

Thomas Virik

Experiência a repetir sem dúvida
O João é um excelente profissional, paciente e muito atencioso adaptou muito bem os trilhos consoante a nossa experiência.
As motas são muito boas e em bom estado
Recomendo a 100%
Lee da Silva

Lee da Silva

Funchal, Portugal

The trails on Madeira are so diverse, from rocky climbs to flowy forest roads. Hands down the most fun I’ve had on a dirtbike.

Thomas Soyland

Thomas Soyland

Stavanger, Norway
First let’s talk about Jauo, our guide. He’s very calm, relaxed, patient, knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced at his craft. All the stuff you would hope from your tour guide. He wasn’t just a guide that we followed around but a very talented and gifted tutor. I’ve a had a couple of bikes but not ridden for a few years and was well out of form but we were carefully assessed by Jauo and taken through a series of excercises which set the tone for what our days riding would consist of (the difficulty level) which was always challenging, never easy, slighty scary but not too intimidating. A good balance.
The bikes. Husky 300 cc two strokes were/are perfect enduro. Quite light and manageable with enough power when u need it. I’m glad we weren’t on his older models, the CR 450four strokes. Me and my bro have been stuck on hill climbs on those bikes before in the UK and near died of exhaustion. So the bikes are fit for purpose, well maintained and we loved them.
The terrain was varied, a lot of dry soft dirt but also compacted dirt, rocky tracks, animal tracks , you name it we had a bit of everything.
The tour consisted of lots of stopping and starting which was great coz if gave us a minute to rest and each time we stopped we were given tips and tuition and what to expect around the next corner regarding what line to take and of any impending obstacles, all invaluable stuff and I was so glad Jauo really took the time to make sure always we were having fun but also keeping it challenging and always learning.
To conclude, we highly recommend mountain gadget for all the afore mentioned reasons. This day out far exceeded my expectations and actually made my holiday. Not just the best day this week but one of my best days ever. I’ll never forget this day out.



Had an amazing day with Joao. He’s a top guy with years of experience, wealth of local knowledge and is a great instructor. I have ridden most of my life as well, even so, experienced things I’d never came across. Madeira is such a unique and amazing location for such an experience, and with top spec brand new bikes, full kit supplied (handy when you’re on holiday and don’t have your own with you) a seriously experienced tutor/guide, i learned a lot and took a lot away from the whole experience. If you’re into bikes, honestly this is a must. Cracking mix of off road trails, on road, moto x.
All you need is your license. Mountain Gadget deal with pick up, kit, bikes, guide, and drop off.
On a real positive as well, Joao really takes the time to chat about and consider your riding experience which will undoubtedly influence your days experience. My day met every expectation and more. Well worth the effort to get booked on, and the money. 5 star all day long.

Thanks Joao, awesome day man!!! See you soon when I’m back over.

Joseph Duffin

Joseph Duffin

Bathgate, UK

Tremenda experiencia de la mano de Joao.
Guía muy profesional y lugares maravillosos.
La moto en perfecto estado y un precio muy razonable.
Sin duda, lo recomendaré siempre que pueda.

Kepa Vitoria

Kepa Vitoria

Hondarribia, España



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